Super By Colorsuper
Ultrahigh Frequencys w Kat David for colorsuper - :P
Ayyye kat.david x colorsuper :P Cool girl
Kat David x colorsuper 
Bts w new #bestbud @kat.david who came all the way from L.A to say hi ✈️ 
why do seagulls fly over the sea? cause if they flew over the bay they would be "bagels"

Well. Best/borderline worst joke goes to (Jonnytwoshoes) Pls message me an address and size to claim a Limited Colorsuper Tee. :O

Big thanks to everyone who entered :p

Super Lol

Funniest joke in my inbox wins a tee. Ends later.

Karrueche x colorsuper :P
Hello, Does your grey cap have a red snap-thingy? Thanks : )

yep thats the one :) Good timing if you like it. Only one left :)

Super by colorsuper x gavinglave
Super - Colorsuper
Super  - jaiphoto x colorsuper
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